Graduate Institute of Education, TCU _Course

Area Field

Course Title

Theory Basic


Seminar on Educational Psychology

Seminar on Educational Philosophy

Seminar on Sociology of Education

Seminar on History of Education






Research Methods for Education

Elementary Educational Statistics

Advanced Statistics

Quantitative Research Methodology

Qualitative Analysis

Scaling Procedures

Educational Issues and trends

Elected Topics of Article Evaluation

Research Literature Review and Criticism

English Journal Paper Review

Seminar (Ⅰ)  ()



Curriculum and Instruction Courses

Seminar on curriculum theory and development

Selected Topics of Cognition and Teaching

Seminar on Reading Theori
es and Instruction

Seminar on Learning Guidance

Seminar on Special Education

Seminar on Instructional Psychology

Seminar on Creativity

Issues and Trends with Special Education



Humanities Education Courses

Seminar on Humanism Education

Seminar on Still Thoughts

Seminar on Educational Classics

Selected Topics of Service Learning

Seminar on Positive Psychology

Seminar on Still Thoughts

Theories and Application of Affective Education

Seminar on lifelong education theories and practice

Seminar on ethics of educational profession

Media Literacy Education Seminar




Common Elective


Seminar on School Administration

Administration theory & practice

Leadership Theory and Practice

Case studies on educational administration

Media Instructional Design and Production of thematic

Communication & marketing theory and practice

Technology and Learning

Special Topics in School Social Work

Media Production in Teaching

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