Education Goals

Based on our school motto, “mercy, compassion, joy and giving”, we cultivate students to cherish life, practice kindness and compassion, and become the commissioners to serve others. The goal of this institute is to train individuals in educational field to become the professionals who are willing to learn lifelong, can speculate and analyze wisely, cooperate with team members, possess the Tzu Chi humanity spirit to serve the people in need, and own the professionalism and ability to do educational research.Our ultimate mission is to become a “role model of universities in aspects of humanities and professionalism”.

The goal of this institute is also to cultivate the individuals who are outstanding on professional knowledge, feeling, thought and conduct; care about other people, respect their own profession and willing to cooperate and communicate with people.

Education goal:
To cultivate professional individuals in educational field who can think wisely and analyze, can cooperate with team members, active in community service, respect life and willing to learn lifelong, and have educational professionalism and ability to do research.

Basic capacity of student:
1. Ability to explore knowledge actively
2. Communication skills
3. Accomplishment of Team work
4. Community service and spirit of altruism

Core ability of student
1. Ability to do academic researches
2. Ability to perform the educational missions

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